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The USER Model

Process of design thinking to develop a product, test it and make sure it will be successful with customers. Letters in USER stands for user, system, establish and realise. The stages of the process should be done as quickly as possible to evaluate the viability of an idea and product.  The design thinking is part … Continue reading

The Business Model Canvas

During my life I have experienced lots of various lessons about business and business plans. Some of them were very interesting, some of them are not, but they all had one thing in common… they were very theoretical. Business plan seemed as a formal document, which is used to support loan application rather than the … Continue reading


Once upon a time, there was a girl and she never knew how to make other people understand what exactly is on her mind and heart….                                                   …. till she discovered storytelling. I have witnessed my sister being able to explain things via drawing, painting, story boards and animation and I must admit I was … Continue reading

Keep it FRESH

Last couple weeks were really crazy, my life was turned up side down. I left my country, job, friends and family… and stoped being financially independent, which is not an easy thing to get used to once you got to another stage. Even more I have lots of money to pay off after I graduate. … Continue reading

Apple Store

 Visiting an Apple Store is quite a unique experience. I don`t know any other shop being so “open” in all possible means. The lack of barriers can be seen immediately. There are no doors to open – the store is just there for you to go in. You enter and feel the atmosphere… It is reminds me of being … Continue reading


I wish the days had at least 30 hours, so many new people to meet, information to absorb, events to attend, activities to participate in and lessons to learn. Attending the International Business Management with Entrepreneurship, at KU and the first lesson is the Entrepreneurship in Action, I am impressed! Even in my wildest dreams … Continue reading