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Once upon a time, there was a girl and she never knew how to make other people understand what exactly is on her mind and heart….

                                                  …. till she discovered storytelling.

I have witnessed my sister being able to explain things via drawing, painting, story boards and animation and I must admit I was a little bit envious. But it is only now that I realised you can use this skills as a medium to deliver the message, before I thought of stories and pictures just as things which are supposed to mean something on their own. An art – whatever that implies for you. I always imagined Artists as very impractical people despising commerce (unless it pays A LOT, but even then… you know… let’s just not talk about it, it is commerce and therefore not worthwhile to discuss). And I still think there is a big group of Artists who think this way. And honestly I am more “material” or let’s say practical thinking person and I like things with a purpose.

I love the idea of “purpose story telling” used for either advertisements or charitable activities or public relations… It is like a short film (who says that short films can’t be profitable then?!) with a main character, that can make the audience smile, laugh or cry… simply to feel sympathy. This concept fills me with energy and will to DO SOMETHING and try, if it can work for me and my future business. No, I don’t want to TRY really. I WANT it to work for me. It is so appealing, because even if I am no artist, I still can have the art working for me!

In the world we are living in, we have too much information and data. Most of them are boring and some of them even don’t make sense. We have lost the context. But if you have a look at a short story that appeals to your feelings -full of heroes and bad guys… You know all the important information without many words in a very short time and if the story and related emotions appeal to you, you just will remember, because your emotions are involved.



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