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The team is the crucial part of the project success and I wonder how you can choose the right team. Obviously, it is important that the members of the team have different backgrounds and points of view, because then they cover much larger area of knowledge that the project / business can take an advantage of. On the other hand, different backgrounds, personalities and points of view cause friction and disagreements within teams. Then, how to overcome this friction and be able to benefit from it, instead of let it cause destruction of the team?

I related these thoughts on the Cuff’d team performance and the differences in our personalities and backgrounds proved to be our strengths. Even though, in the beginning it did not seem so. Deciding about what product we will make was a very difficult phase, where all the differences showed. I believe especially the differences between extroverted/introverted and pragmatic/creative strong personalities were difficult to manage. In this phase the presence of well-elected MD played essential role. Hanna managed to smooth the rough edges during the discussions and provided an excellent example of democratic leadership style. After this phase, it was much easier to cooperate and as everyone can work in her area, the friction disappeared as we all appreciate each other’s skills that help us achieve common goal. In addition, we keep our communication very frequent and consensus is always reached before taking a decision.

This experience helped me to see the advantages of collaboration, keeping open mind to ideas of other people. On my own, I could never perform as well as our team do together and I see the importance of leader or coordinator in the team. Differences create possibilities to consider more opportunities and should be accepted positively as they can contribute to the team’s success. This leads to information sharing and open communication on regular basis that prevents conflict and improves the performance. On the other hand, if a person cannot listen to different opinions and forgets the team has a common goal, then the team can fall in destructive behaviour and the project is not likely to succeed.

I am very proud of being part of the Cuff’d team and I am learning a lot, not only about teamwork.



2 thoughts on “Teams

  1. Good reflection Eva, however in some instances its better to “do it yourself” especially in the period where the team is in a point of no return. Sticking with the team, in this situation, can be highly unproductive in my opinion…

    Posted by kemelife | March 9, 2012, 17:26
  2. It is so wonderful when you get in to a team where everything just falls in to place, as I feel it has with out CUFF’D team! They way we overlap each other, contribute with different skills, communicate and encourage each other. I think that the fact that we fit so well together and work so good together shines through on the work we do, the cuff we made, and the overall business, and is a big (if not the biggest) reason that we have reached the point where we are now 🙂
    I am also so proud to be a part of this team 🙂

    Posted by sfagervik | March 12, 2012, 23:40

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