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Trade Fairs

I have experienced two trade fairs so far with CUFF’D. The first one at Kingston University at Penrhyn Road and the second one at Kingston market place. The creatives from our team came with impressive way of presenting our product on each occasion. The drawback of both occasions were clear, we don’t have the products manufactured yet. First set of CUFF’D sold in the beginning of the year, it takes a littlebit too long to set up our manufacturing processes with our external partner. We know our customers are not going to care too much why the products are not here and we are losing our opportunities to satisfy more customers.

During the trade fairs, we focused on increasing awareness of our product and brand as well as getting feedback from the public. We have created questionnaire to be filled by everyone interested in the topic atthe fairs. It was created online, so we can use iPad to collect the information on site. Another thing we decided to do is to print large number of QR codes to give away our link to online shop and facebook page. I was actually quite surprised that many people did not know what the QR codes do, it was even more surprising here in the UK, because it seems that very large share of the population owns a smart phone.

I have realised how important it is to present your company in the same way online and in real world. The linkage of the on/off line life of the company must be strong in order to produce a single message to the stakeholders. Your brand image should be clear to everyone and everywhere. When I looked around at the other companies stands, I noticed that we might be missing the transition from fashion and design world to the selling world. Clear presentation of the price, how to use the CUFF’Ds and the benefits are the points I will focus during our next presentation at a fair to enhance the wonderful aesthetic job my team-mates do.



2 thoughts on “Trade Fairs

  1. Love ur product and congrats for winning the competition!!! 🙂

    Posted by kuskuz | May 15, 2012, 02:20

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