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Advertising is a very important area for a start-up. There are various ways of spreading the word about your product, today I would like to share my experience of preparations to share the story and to get closer to our customers, hopefully matching their perception of the product.

 The task was clear – to make a short video – as well as the time we have to finish it. I was horrified tofind out that we have a week and half to manage everything from idea to post-production.

 We started with brainstorming. All of us, the partners in CUFF’D, got together and chose couple ideas, improved them and decided what type of actors should be in. The only problem was that we did not know any. Solution was clear, we will put adverts online, send emails to universities with courses for actors/performers/dancers and we wanted answers in about 4 days. If you thought we didn’t receive any, I must say we did. Unfortunately, the applicants were different types than we imagined and so we democratically voted for Hanna to do the acting. 🙂

Also, Maha’s friend came to help us. We were lucky enough to get very knowledgeable film crew who managed the shooting excellently.

I have realised the shooting is not all, it is followed by cutting and postproduction activities, it is necessary to choose the right light colour, make sure the video looks good and makes sense and represents the products the way the customers perceive them.

 At the advertisement session, where all the teams launched their adverts and everyone got feedback, I realized the need to focus on the practicalities, which might be more important than the artistic value. The audience is likely to forgive you some imperfections in the shooting, as long as they have a good feeling about the story. On the other hand, there is no excuse for not showing the potential customers where to get it, how much it is and how to learn more and connect.

 Our video was just that case…. and I was so disappointed that I did not think about it, I got so excited by the creative process that I stopped thinking about the practicalities of the project. It does not sound like me… Well, it happened and next time I will make sure I will remember. It was a wonderful experience to participate in the process of thinking up the advertisement and in the shooting. Even though I know the video advertisement is not the main way to promote the start up (or maybe we haven’t found the right way to do it yet?!), it is a very good way to mediate a feeling to potential and recent customers. And I am looking forward to making some more adds for CUFF’D!

 If you want to have a look at CUFF’D first video advertisement, you have a chance now! 🙂



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