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Celebrate Enterprise and Young Enterprise events

Celebrate Enterprise is the annual event at Kingston University to celebrate success and achievements in entrepreneurship and enterprise. It took place 8th May 2012. Our companies’ performance was judged in a “dragon’s den” style.

The preparation for this event included getting ready to present performance of CUFF’D to audience that might not be familiar with what we do and how, it included to summarise our intense activity to ten pages of text in ten topics and create presentation of the same of maximum ten minutes. We managed, rehearsed the presentation about million times while we worked on our other assignments as well.

It was relatively tough, but we knew we worked hard and did our best to run our company, so there was not too much of anxiety. The worst part was probably the waiting before the presentation. We were determined to present our case in a positive spirit and engaging form as well as answer the questions of the judges in the same way.

We were surprised in the evening when we realised we won, together with CURPY and our teams will represent London at Santander Young Enterprise Awards 2012 on 18th May!

We were very happy and slightly scared by the time we lose to deliver our assignments and dissertation proposals with the deadlines coming as quickly as the Young Enterprise Awards!

We met our advisors, Bracey and Fazl, both supporting us with their priceless advices.

We spent days improving the content and design of our investment proposal report, deciding to go for revolutionary full-on magazine style (after heated discussion). We also changed our presentation, because now we had only 5 minutes and we wanted to make it even more engaging and implement the good advice we got. Also we had to prepare the stand, print large posters and make sure we know what to answer to any possible interview questions. It was a nerve racking experience.

At the event, everything went very quick, we set up the stand, rehearsed presentation, had interviews, gave presentation for the judges and talked with them when they judged the stands. Then we waited for visitors to appear before the final ceremony, when we had the chance to present our stand to them. We received very positive feedback from them and were happy to sell couple CUFF’Ds as well.

 At the final ceremony, all the teams presented their companies again. I was impressed by the quality of the presentations in general; most of them were very fresh and full of information. We were informed that our investment proposal created a positive buzz among the judges, so we were excited to hear the results of the competition. We were a little bit disappointed in our expectations when we realised we have not won the main prize and will not represent Britain in the European finale. On the other hand, we won a price for the best investment proposal report, a prize I value immensely, especially because it shows the immense possibilities of cross-industrial collaboration. It is the excellent example of connecting world of business and world of art and I am proud of our team to make this connection work!

If you are interested to see more, please have a look at pictures from Santander Young Enterprise Awards 2012!



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