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Creative Conflict

For way too long, I believed that conflicts are bad and at the same time did not know how to avoid them. Conflict made me always feel uncomfortable. Working in groups for the last 9 months, I saw that conflict is nearly unavoidable. People with different values, actions, desires, opinions, working styles and priorities working together… uf… it is a bit difficult…

Then I have got familiar with the Tuckman’s Team-development model with four stages: forming, storming, norming, performing… It helped me to understand that storming is a completely normal and possibly beneficial phase in every team’s behaviour. Conflict is an inherent part of the processes within teams, it helps the participants to express where they stand and what are their opinions. If the team members are mature enough and open to discussion, they will eventually go through the conflict. In my experience, the sooner my teams got through the conflict (storming), the quicker started to perform. If the conflict was completely avoided, there was a tension within the team during all the project and the processes were much less collaborative.

In CUFF’D, we are all different, every one of us has different experiences, expertise, our ways of thinking are completely different as well as our personalities. In the beginning, it was difficult. Fortunately, Hanna was an excellent in managing the communication flow running and we eventually learnt how to speak with each other. We had to. There was no exit option, we are dependent on each other. It was frustrating sometimes, when I was wondering how to explain my point in a way that the girls see my point, even if they see things completely different…

And till now, it hasn’t changed… 🙂 We still have different ideas and we are very diverse… BUT we learnt how to speak to each other and most importantly to listen to what others say. And suddenly the tension changed into a huge advantage. We question each other’s opinions and ideas that make us to justify them and improve them. I think that is how the performance gets to positive spin off and I love it! Learning from each other and opening our minds to others is an life-changing experience and I would never go back to my old ways!



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