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Induction into Entrepreneurship

After trying to fall asleep for nearly three hours, I decided to quit the hopeless effort and write another blog post after a long break. During this break, I was writing my dissertation (fingers crossed), planning future of CUFF’D with my partners and started taking some steps for its new life and shining future. During these activities, I was reflecting on the whole last year and my degree. What did I learn, was it worth it… ?

Then I remembered, I was always intrigued by entrepreneurship and intuitively I felt I will find the link that seemed missing in my country in this area. Maybe I did not know the right people, places and events, but there was something missing in the business culture that just did not make it exciting enough. I got all excited about the description of my course at Kingston! We would set up our companies and run it… how cool… 🙂

Then I saw how much more work my Entrepreneurship pathway entailed in comparison with my colleagues and I was not too thrilled. We set up our teams, we got together because we were all dedicated to work hard and we all have different skills. At that time, I did not realize it also meant different communication style and different perception of the world. It became obvious a little bit later as well as the fact that we were all quite strong personalities from diverse countries. The first couple weeks were very difficult and I believe our team kept it together due to Hanna’s exceptional diplomatic skills and each one’s determination not to give up. Communication with people, who might have completely opposite way of thinking, was the biggest challenge for me. It would be naive to think my colleagues did not have similar feelings. I reflected on every meeting, my behaviour, other’s behaviour… and eventually it become easier. Now, I admire all of my friends and believe this joint effort brought us together for life; we can share victories, losses and tell each other truth, as it is or as we see it.

I believe I gained more than a few good friends though. I opened my mind, learnt how to listen to others and that it is necessary to believe in others and collaborate. The added value of our team work was delivered by joint effort, intensive communication and a strong team identity. Spending time on initial discussion, polishing ideas and then separate high quality work on individual schedule made a difference. Open communication and discussing results, successes and failures was time demanding, but enabled us to avoid drawbacks in future and make the most even of failures.

After I overcame the initial shock, I was able to see the playfulness of entrepreneurship that I always dreamt of. The world, where “it is not possible” doesn’t exist and is replaced by wondering “how can I make it possible”…  (And refers to positive innovation.) Transactional behaviour belongs to industrial age and we kept it through the age of information… Now it is becoming obvious that the new age of communication requires different standards.



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