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Working from Home and Productivity

Working from home brings many unexpected challenges. I have gone through quite a few phases, ranging from treating my time as “free”, watching films and meeting friends to forcing myself to sit at my computer 16 hours a day to “get things done”. I was unproductive and increasingly upset with my life. My physical condition was deteriorating, I was getting depressed and my self-confidence was nowhere to be found.

One day, I just had enough. There is no point in waiting for a miracle, so I had to change something about my life. Or more likely, implement the first of a series of changes.I have read some articles on productivity and started to write down to do lists. They usually filled pretty quick and the longer they got, the more I didn’t want to look at them.

So I adopted different approach. In the evening, I scheduled 3-4 important tasks for the next day and I specified the time for them realistically (enough, but not too much). I also set the time, when will I start working. I make sure I have lunch that provides me with a break during the day. These small simple changes made a huge difference for me. It makes me happy to start working before the time I set for myself, so I start working in the morning, smiling. Knowing exactly what three things are on the list for the day make my brain focused before I actually start working. procrast3

By lunch time, I have already lots of work done. No regrets of taking a break and having a nice lunch. Resting my brain a bit during the lunch time charges me for some more intensive work. If I still have some time after completing my three main tasks, I always have a list of other tasks in my projects book or do some research.

In the evening, I switch off the computer and don’t work at night. This enables me to rest my mind. After all, it is said that the best ideas come to us when we don’t actively look for solutions.

As much as I like my recent approach and feel much happier and productive in my life, I keep developing my “system”. Being productive long-term requires responsible approach to your work, time and planning. It is not enough, though.  You must also be responsible in treating yourself. I focus on getting enough exercise during the week and especially weekend, eating regularly, smaller portions and good food and keeping good relationships with my friends, family and interesting people. I think this is the final touch, which enables you to develop further as a person and professional.

What is your experience? Do you have any useful tips and tricks?




3 thoughts on “Working from Home and Productivity

  1. I agree, listing your tasks the day before and giving yourself breaks to look forward to are a good way to manage your time. I usually give myself deadlines on longer-lasting projects. So even if a client says he’s not in a rush, I’ll say: “I’ll send you something by monday” so I don’t waste time. Another thing I learned, different people have different productivity times during the day. I work best during the afternoon and night during the week because I’d rather see people and go to the gym during the day, why my physical energy is high. Once I can sit down peacefully, normally after lunch, I can focus. Some of my friends work best late night. others work better early morning. So find your high-productivity time and work with it.

    Posted by Maha | May 13, 2013, 18:57


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