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Live! Don’t get stuck in the rat race.

You might read my previous post about productivity and working from home. I came across another challenge, which you may experience regardless of where you work. You may be stuck in the rat race.
Weekdays, you race to work, to do shopping, cook dinner, dishwashing or a bit of cleaning and then quickly to bed because you have to repeat it all again the next day. If you work at home, the border lines might be a bit more blurry, but still it will be similar enough. Then the weekend comes, you want to relax, go out… and feel like you should catch up on some more chores you neglected during the week. After all, Monday will come eventually and you have to have clean clothes and ironed shirts. Then suddenly, it is Sunday evening and you feel like you didn’t do much and another weekend is gone. Even worse, if you live with your partner, because it can feel as you are spending time together. But living this way, week after week can wear you out. Weeks are flying by, each of them the same like the other and you are basically surviving rather than living your life.

I found myself in this situation as well. First I tackled my productivity, as I described in my previous post. Working at home makes all my days very similar and that includes weekend. For couple weeks, I tried to distinguish between the weekdays and weekends with varying level of success.

And then it stroked me. When I was small, I always went to bed looking forward to new adventures the following day. I couldn’t nearly fall asleep by excitement. In the morning, I used to get up full of energy, ready to wake everyone up and make the adventures happen. In the evening, I always knew what I will do the next day. And it was always something exciting. I have read this article, that associates surfing, failing and children’s approach to life. It inspired me to think about the topic more. If we all remember what was our life like, when we were kids, maybe we would be much happier and successful as adults.

Since this realization, I always plan something for each weekend day and so far it really works. I get up earlier and ready to enjoy the day. Getting up earlier means more time for each activity and more activities during the day. It makes the weekend longer and more eventful. My life is happier now and I will continue re-learning looking at life by children’s eyes, because I bet there is still a lot to be discovered!



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