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Live! Don’t get stuck in the rat race.

You might read my previous post about productivity and working from home. I came across another challenge, which you may experience regardless of where you work. You may be stuck in the rat race. Weekdays, you race to work, to do shopping, cook dinner, dishwashing or a bit of cleaning and then quickly to bed … Continue reading

Working from Home and Productivity

Working from home brings many unexpected challenges. I have gone through quite a few phases, ranging from treating my time as “free”, watching films and meeting friends to forcing myself to sit at my computer 16 hours a day to “get things done”. I was unproductive and increasingly upset with my life. My physical condition … Continue reading

Fresh Start

Starting our company with my partners, I am realising how much work it actually is (and am very thankful I am not doing it on my own). There are so many things we need to do before the company gets alive! At the moment, I am researching a lot about forming an ltd company, using … Continue reading

Induction into Entrepreneurship

After trying to fall asleep for nearly three hours, I decided to quit the hopeless effort and write another blog post after a long break. During this break, I was writing my dissertation (fingers crossed), planning future of CUFF’D with my partners and started taking some steps for its new life and shining future. During … Continue reading

Celebrate Enterprise and Young Enterprise events

Celebrate Enterprise is the annual event at Kingston University to celebrate success and achievements in entrepreneurship and enterprise. It took place 8th May 2012. Our companies’ performance was judged in a “dragon’s den” style. The preparation for this event included getting ready to present performance of CUFF’D to audience that might not be familiar with … Continue reading

Creative Conflict

For way too long, I believed that conflicts are bad and at the same time did not know how to avoid them. Conflict made me always feel uncomfortable. Working in groups for the last 9 months, I saw that conflict is nearly unavoidable. People with different values, actions, desires, opinions, working styles and priorities working … Continue reading


Advertising is a very important area for a start-up. There are various ways of spreading the word about your product, today I would like to share my experience of preparations to share the story and to get closer to our customers, hopefully matching their perception of the product.  The task was clear – to make … Continue reading

Trade Fairs

I have experienced two trade fairs so far with CUFF’D. The first one at Kingston University at Penrhyn Road and the second one at Kingston market place. The creatives from our team came with impressive way of presenting our product on each occasion. The drawback of both occasions were clear, we don’t have the products manufactured … Continue reading


In my previous post, I mentioned that it will be interesting to see what happens next…                                                                                    … and here we come. A trade fair at a wonderful location coming, excellent marketing and selling opportunity. The only thing missing was the finished products. They were a week late from the manufacturer, but on their way, … Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Effectuation

Entrepreneurial way of working must necessarily differ from a corporate. Big organisation do market research, find opportunity, allocate funds, employees and other resources, set the target and the managers plan consisting of specific steps to achieve the goal. This is called causation. On the other hand, Entrepreneurs have… an idea. An idea, himself and limited funds. … Continue reading